The Winning Edge

The Winning Edge

There is a concept used in leadership called The Winning Edge Concept. This shows that little improvement in ability can lead to large differences in results. One of the most important skills in personal improvement in the winning edge concept, which is improving your skills in Key Result Areas. Key result areas are one of the breakthrough concepts in personal and business success. These key results account for both success and failure. They exist in different fields. In Sales for example, if you improve in skills like prospecting, building Rapport and Trust, Need Identification, Presenting, managing Objections, Closing the Sale and Referrals will make all the difference. Your weakest key result area determines your sales success and your income. You could be weak in one area and that alone can hold you back from realising your full potential.

In every area of life there are Vital Functions

The vital functions in sales growth performance is increase your sales productivity. A vital function in your body is your heart rate or your pulse or your blood pressure; and this alone can make all the difference in your health. You need to have small incremental improvements in different areas of your calling. Once you find that area you will have to increase at least 10% every month.

10% improvement over the next 12 months means that you improve less than 1% per month. So small improvements per month is enough to get career on the fast track. As you get better in any area, you will get better in other areas. At the end of 12 month, you will get better at many things.

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